what we offer

Consulting Services

CriticalQ consults via three key services:-

Marketing Transformation - Diagnosis and design, implementation and activation of wholesale change. 

Critical Thinking , Leadership - Program delivery to improve Leaders and Teams. Specialized consulting for new managers. 

Multi Media Relationships and Communications - Senior Public Relations Management, Media Affairs, Account Design and Delivery, Content writing for Media, Communication delivery and design, Social Media design and Crisis Consulting. 

Leadership - Tailored Program Design and Delivery

Via our Leadership Service, CriticalQ will work with your business to assess learning and development needs and then design a program which works for you and your employees. 

Packaged Programs ( via our Leadership stream)

CriticalQ offers the following programs which can be delivered as one to one coaching, small workshops or presentations. Each is tailored to individual requirements. 

•Critical Thinking and theory for improved assessment and decision making

•Transformation and Change, Leading through climates of Change

•Skills based working, the future of work and organisational development

•Resilient Readiness 

•Strategic Account and Relationship Management

Methods used

CriticalQ apply a collaborative mindset to your needs.

Choose one or a combination of our program’s to suit your requirements.

Unique playbooks for some program's have been developed to help with the practice. The one rule in all playbooks, is to make them simple to use. Something that can be done by anyone anywhere, with a pencil and some paper to scribble on, if not just in their head. It's about practicality 

application and return on investment

Each workshop is designed for groups of up to 12 attendees and will cover introduction, theory and work-shopping of case studies;  plus a workbook for all participants to take home ( pdf) for ongoing practice and use with the pre-agreed key learning outcomes;-

  • Thinking matters.

  • Introduction to topic and why it is important in decision making and planning

  • Program Steps ( the how )

  • Case Studies workshopping examples ( NB case studies are tailored to your business goals )

  • Checklist and workbook use

Each course also includes;-

  • Pre workshop planning and design with your goals identified as a core objective

  • Personal support and follow up by Trish for an 8 week period following the workshop.

  • A report for you on the workshop results, feedback and suggestions for ongoing development

Each workshop is aimed to produce thought provoking mindset outside the norm in order for innovation to bloom and to break down historical fears of critique. Allowing a safe space for ideas to be considered, and reviewed from all angles and for feedback to be delivered, heard and considered respectfully by all employees regardless of their level of power, accountability and influence.