And so it begins

Have you ever sat in a meeting and wondered "why"?

Yes! Great - then take a seat, put your feet up and grab some snacks. You have made it home. 

CriticalQ is the place for everyone who has ever questioned the status quo.

Let me be clear though, this is not because you think you know better, or have better ideas, or think you can do it better. 

CriticalQ is the place for those of us who just want to know WHY.  Who want to understand the theory and the process behind the decision, process, instruction etc.  The "I know you are important and powerful, but my values are important and powerful too; and it is REALLY imperative that I understand what it is we are doing here; what the point of it is, and why I should sign up, because I really want to contribute in a meaningful way to it's success" conversation. Yes that one, it's the one so often sidelined to the kitchen. 

So over here in the super special comfortable couch, with the fully stocked bar and the cheese board; is the place for those who have ever been courageous enough to cross that barrier and openly ask the magic question out loud in the meeting - Why?  We also welcome the curious, the disenfranchised and all square pegs. 

I personally wear some scars from this practice, it has been my Achilles Heel since primary school, through high school and into over two decades of corporate life. That, plus just not really fitting the mould. I never wore the right clothes, had the right hair or said the right things either. Going back to university in my 40's made me realise that critical analysis has a valid place in our working lives and what's more;  can create better decision making and better business results. It also taught me about acceptance, values and compassion. Critical thinking and theory when applied and backed by research enables us to work on a whole different plane.  Ditto to good relationships and an added layer of Leadership comprehension and practice. 

This is not about being on or off any buses. This is not about disrespecting anyone or slowing down innovation,  NO - let us be very clear that this is quite the opposite. This is all about inspiring followership, aligning leadership to values and prosperity, creating real relationships and sparking innovation for better and more sustainable results. 

So, with apologies to myself for taking so long to heed the call, I look forward to sharing the journey with you all. 

Warmest regards 


July 2017

Ruffle some feathers

Ruffle some feathers