Can we calculate a $value on employee engagement? Yes, I can. Allow me to introduce my new product - CQESS

Employee engagement assessments over the last 5 or so years were the latest greatest tool for business leaders and yet due to so much inconsistency in approach, the propensity for them to be influenced and the cherry picking over results; the whole exercise has been fast losing it's value for everyone involved. 

Yet the whole reason for them existing in the first place, has not gone away. We still inherently know that satisfied, engaged, and well supported employees, pour more energy into their work and into the bottom line of their employer than those who are not.

In most surveys we measure "engagement" and "alignment" which most people take to mean 'am I happy enough to stay here" and "do I agree with the strategy and objectives of the business?" This is useful to understand, but it only tells half the story.  

Let me explain; Employees may really want chocolate biscuits every Wednesday and that will make them happy, but will their being happy translate to more innovation, IP and energy ?

And what about values alignment as opposed to strategy alignment?  As an employee; I might be content, I might even be aligned to the company strategy but I won't give you an ounce more of my energy on any given day than I absolutely have to. Why?  because overall I may not think this firm walks the talk on it's values, but pays well and I have a big mortgage. So I will do my job... generally to an above satisfactory standard (to guarantee my bonus) and I will collect my pay every month; until something better comes along or the time is right for me to move. 

Do you see it now? 

As a business owner, ask yourself how much of my income is at risk by these results? 

As an individual, would you rather work where your commitment is half-assed and disengaged just to meet some basic needs or be somewhere where your basic needs are being met AND you are bouncing around every day brimming with energy and enthusiasm? 

This is how the future workers are thinking, and the future isn't that far off. 

It makes sense to check in with either yourself and / or your people on a regular basis (not once a year), and it makes sense to plan around their needs as well as those of the firm.

It is time to apply some different thinking to what we are measuring here. 

At the end of the day, employees are growing and producing your product, selling it, delivering it and defending it, so it is in an organisations interest to get the best energy value out of them and vice versa. So let's do some critical thinking about the process, exercise some smart decision making and create something useful. 

I have been researching this problem for a while looking for scale-able methods of measuring in hard $Value, the impact of employee satisfaction ( in the positive) or dissatisfaction ( in the negative) in terms of manual labour. Academically this is referred to as “Emotional Labour” (NB - This concept itself is not new, there have been studies on this - mostly in nursing) and using this as a base, came up with a handy, easy, back of the envelope tool anyone can use to start measuring this in their everyday. 

Introducing the 'CriticalQ Employee Satisfaction Scale' CQESS

To solve for this for both individuals and businesses I have been hard at work creating a process and calculation;  as an easy to understand theory for profit minded and cost-centric businesses and individuals in a simple methodology to collect the data, assess the data and value the result.  The result being that they can understand what the real cost is to them of a happy, supported productive employee vs a disengaged, pissed off one or for an individual highlight the gaps in your current day and assess future opportunities for better results. 

Contact me today - to find out more about CQESS or visit the product page on my website.