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Shed Connect - Product and Service Transformation Consulting Role


Shed Connect -

Consulting role in progress

Project start - February 2018.

Timeframe 18 months +

Capacity - part time


Working with the executive team to transform the existing Public Relations ( print dominated publicity for Financial Services market) into a sustainable business with above average expected growth targets for the forthcoming 5 years.

Work so far has included a comprehensive re-design of the business product and service catalog to expand into a comprehensive multi channel media solutions provider. This opens up the customer opportunity to new markets and facilitates a plan to market the brand as an outsourced marketing executive model, thereby adding value.

Production of the new catalog included efficiency modelling and strategic design, workforce impacts, skills modelling and assessment and financial restructures.


Leadership and Development Program design and delivery

BUSSQ - training and development role

February and March 2018

2 days on site for delivery with following 8 week coaching support for program participants ( approx 2 days )

Status Complete.


I was asked to write and faciliate two programs for the Senior Leadership team. The first was a “Safe spaces for Critical Thinking” program for the team to use which adopted a non biases, physiologically safe process for the leaders to use when considering large problems faced by the business. The second was a “Leading Teams through change” program aimed to help leaders better work with employees in order to find and achieve common and collective goals.

Both programs were well received by those who attended and I was asked to return to provide training on the Critical Thinking program to the rest of the management team statewide. I also wrote a new “Coping with Change” program for this group.