As part of our Leadership Service, CriticalQ offers 6 interchangeable, programs flexibly delivered to your timetable and budget. Programs can be delivered on their own in workshop, theater or presentation style or as small round table thought leadership coaching experiences. Programs can also be combined or staged depending on your objectives. CriticalQ will work with you to understand your requirements and will create a program that delivers outcomes. 

CriticalQ programs at a glance


Critical thinking and Critical theory in decision making have become skills left to the academic community. We bring these concepts back to the table in a modern, easy and fast way to apply to challenge status quo mindset for more effective decision making.

Leadership 101 - Foundations of leadership

So what is all this Leadership talk about? What is the difference between Situational Leadership and Transactional leadership? Which is the right style for me and why is everyone talking about it?

This program goes back to the beginning and takes you through all the Leadership Theories from the beginning to the latest studies, demystifying all the buzzwords, cutting through the hype and clarifying the crap. It’s a good place to start.

Strategic relationships

This program is all about Strategic Relationship Management, using CriticalQ’s own unique Heart model:- four chambers of essential account management mindset. Engagement, Data, Delivery and Strategy. Think holistically, think of the individuals and think differently about that key account.

The self aware Leader

Noble Courageous Leadership. Learn about removing ego, self, short-termism and politics, and replace all that blackness with conceptual thinking, compassion, social success and values driven prosperity. Interesting things happen when you do.

Future of work

How would your business or team work in a post structuralist world? What if business focused on swarm mindset, letting employees bid for places in project teams like the freelance community, but within the boundary of an organisation? Imagine the possibilities that Post Heroic Leadership could bring to your world. Let’s spend some time looking at the future.

Building resilience

How resilient are you? Your team? How sustainable is your management style, your team ethic and your working behavior? This program helps work on the topic of Resilience and Sustainability for both managers and teams. Challenge your perceptions and find ways to keep moving forward despite change.